Wave Acrylic Painting- time lapse video and tips

I was little hesitant to try this painting, but I am glad I did give it a try.

This painting was a bit time consuming and complex too, but I managed to complete it πŸ˜€


While painting, if you feel the highlights for the water detail has become too bright, you can just glaze over it with the appropriate shade of color. 

Here is a picture of the finished painting.

Sea Wave - acrylic painting
Wave acrylic painting


I also have a time lapse video uploaded on my youtube channel. Please watch, like, share, subscribe and let me know what you think in the comments section 😊 




I found new jars for the water to clean my brushes.. yay!!.. They are old pickle jars.

I saw this tip on youtube (check this video by Kristy, for more details;time timestamp 4:30 to 5:10) to use two jars of water to keep the brush clean and to have clear water to mix with paint if you need it. I used this approach this time .

Tip2: Use two jars of water




Here are some pics I took while painting. I also managed to paint a tree with the leftover paints πŸ™‚


Tip3: When you finish painting for the day and still have a lot of paint left on the pallet, Keep the pallet inside a ziplock bag (I mean airtight bag/container) to save the remaining paint for next day. 

That’s it for today.Thanks for reading my Blog. Hope you liked it.

Which tip did you find most helpful?Let me know in the comments section.


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yellow and blue bird on branch-watercolor painting

Yellow and blue bird on a branch-water color painting

My first attempt at water color painting! Reference photo of this ‘yellow and blue bird’ on a ‘spring blossom branch’ is from pixabay.

yellow and blue bird on branch-watercolor painting
yellow and blue bird on branch-watercolor painting


It is so difficult to control the colors in water color. I hope it gets easier with practice πŸ™‚


Painting space on living room carpet, with old table cloth as protector !!

Which painting medium are you most comfortable with? let me know with your Β comments πŸ™‚

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Drawing strawberry with graphite pencil – time-lapse video

Time-lapse video of strawberry graphite drawing is up on my YouTube channel Β ArtbyGanga. Hope you like it πŸ™‚



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Drawing EYE with Graphite Pencil – Video

‘Drawing EYE with Graphite Pencil’ – Time-lapse video is up on my youtube channel.


The mobile camera was set to auto focus. So whenever my hand came close to camera, it focused on hand instead of the drawing.

Lesson learnedAlways manually set the camera to fix the focus on drawing πŸ™‚Β