colorful flower arrangement | flower vase | flowers acrylic painting

Colorful flower vase – flower arrangement – acrylic painting

For this painting I used a photo from pixabay as reference. I liked the way the flowers were arranged and the color combinations.

colorful flower arrangement | flower vase | flowers acrylic painting
colorful flower vase – acrylic painting on paper


Painting background was difficult for me . In reference photo background had green, yellow and orange colors in it. So I started with these three colors. But while blending orange and green it created a muddy color which I did not like . I experimented with different combinations until I could get some texture that I can use. It was 4.5″x6″ paper but I had to cut the top portion as the colors did not blend well. So my painting came to a smaller scale.


I edited the photo of my final result with a few borders and I liked this below version as it covered the muddy orange-ish background on the top left corner! It cooks like a round canvas, isn’t it?

colorful flower arrangement | flower vase painting | flowers acrylic painting



I use photos for my painting ideas. How do you come up with your painting ideas?


30th and final day of daily art challenge

Yay !!! 30th and final day of my daily art challenge!!! 😊☺️. Today I did one acrylic painting and one graphite drawing.

Taking up this challenge has definitely increased my confidence in freehand drawing.

I would like to thank you all for supporting me with the likes and comments .

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