Ice-cream in glass cup – graphite drawing time-lapse video

I have recorded some of my drawings during my 30 days art challenge. I started editing them one by one.

Time-lapse drawing tutorial:

Β Video of Ice cream in glass cup (blog post) is edited and time-lapse (3 minutes!) version is up in youtube.

I am using the same music from iMovies app again and again.How do you choose music for your youtube videos? Β 



Daily art challenge #3 – ice cream

Today I drew a cup of ice cream!

Also I have uploaded time-lapse video of my last two drawings(avocado,flower) in my Instagram account ArtbyGanga . Longer version will be available soon in my Facebook page and even more longer version in my YouTube channel πŸ™‚

27 days to go!! Stay tuned for more arts. πŸ™‚