Daily art challenge #17 – pumpkin

It’s been a real challenge today . First I started to work on the the squirrel’s details . After a while I felt like I could not continue! .

But I had to draw something as I am into this challenge!! Then this idea of sketching okra occurred to me as I had cooked okra sides for lunch today. But I did not have any photo for reference. I searched on pixabay for a good photo and luckily could find a picture of cut okra. So I started sketching it.

After this stage(pic 2), I couldn’t continue…….. again !! Once again I searched for some vegetable photos on pixabay. Then I found this nice picture of pumpkin which I thought would make a nice drawing. So here is finished art for today .

I am somewhat satisfied after this 😊

What do you do, when you get stuck while drawing something !? Let me know in the comments😊

6 thoughts on “Daily art challenge #17 – pumpkin

  1. I love okra! Those drawings look really good, even the unfinished ones.
    What I do when I feel like I can’t finish a drawing depends on why I felt I couldn’t finish it, but usually I take a break and come back to it later when I’m feeling refreshed. That, or I forget about it.

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