Drawing strawberry with graphite pencil – time-lapse video

Time-lapse video of strawberry graphite drawing is up on my YouTube channel  ArtbyGanga. Hope you like it 🙂



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Drawing EYE with Graphite Pencil – Video

‘Drawing EYE with Graphite Pencil’ – Time-lapse video is up on my youtube channel.


The mobile camera was set to auto focus. So whenever my hand came close to camera, it focused on hand instead of the drawing.

Lesson learnedAlways manually set the camera to fix the focus on drawing 🙂 

squirrel - graphite drawing / pencil sketch | wildlife art | animal drawing

Squirrel – graphite drawing 🐿

Completed adding details to the squirrel from my daily art challenge. 🐿

Adding fur is a slow and repetitive process. It needs a lot of patience to observe the direction of the fur and recreate it.

Here are some intermediate stage pics.

Reference photo is from pixabay .

I think he looks cute 😍. Let me know your thoughts with comments 😊